Sparksammy's internet is back!

I am not sparksammy.


GEMS, the hardest project we ever did.

So… I am not Sparksammy but sparksammy has allowed me to write blog posts, so let’s talk about GEMS. GEMS is literally the hardest project we have ever done, there are bugs EVERYWHERE, and it is hard to find and fix each individual bug. but we are improving.

What is GEMS?

Gems is a OS made by me and Sam, and obviously. it. is. so. hard. you first have to make a kernel and bootloader which Sam has made (Thanks Sam) and then you have to make the OS itself which is very frustrating, to make this slightly better, we made a To-do list. I have to improve the OS code itself, and Sam has to fix the bootloader bugs.

we decided to use Lua for the OS code itself.

“it won’t even boot, but we are getting there! we will one day get a successful build that just prints “Hello World!””

I am trying to rewrite the entire OS code which might take some time but for now, we are taking a break. everything is going good so far, Sam is an amazing programmer.

This project has made me and Sam very very stressed but we are taking a break to focus on other things, like Sparksammy’s blog!