Why I decided to destroy TVI and end my “friendship” with FlyingDuck3121 /DSchott1234


  • DS was a bad friend and kept on censoring me multiple times for no reason, even though it wasn’t even that bad.
    • We both know I am American, thus have freedom of speech
    • Would censor me even if I said something like “TVI is getting boring, here’s why…” with very justifiable reasoning
  • TVI was the most boring, most strict group I’ve ever been to.
    • They are a bunch of boring nerds.
    • Their group activities are boring as well.
    • They are strict AF.
  • TVI is just overall not fun, it has lost it’s magic.
    • Anyone who says otherwise hasn’t been to TVI in the early days. (Back when things weren’t as strict
  • To give them a message they cannot ignore.

And that’s why I destroyed TVI and ended my “friendship” with the owner. I tried talking with him the time before last (i.e. before when everyone was like “FU YOU ARE LYING” or “ZOMG SPARKSAMMY.COM IS DANGEROUS” even though I wasn’t/it isn’t.), but no resolution was ever formed.

By sparksammy

OK, why was my bio so cringe-worthy? I mean: I was a little kid.... oh well.

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