How to get a setup like mine (as of May 1st 2020)

What you need:

A Pop!_OS laptop with internet and Parsec client logged in

A Windows PC with internet Parsec server logged in (same app as the client, hosting is just a Windows-only feature as of the writing of this post)

1 HDMI cable (2 if you have an NVIDIA card and want to hook the Laptop to a display, if you don’t have an extra HDMI cable you can just use the display of the laptop)

  • Unplug everything from the Windows PC except HDMI (if you have NVIDIA), Internet, and a spare mouse.
  • Hook up a keyboard, mouse, headset, etc to your laptop.
  • Open Parsec
  • Connect to the same network if you can’t get port forwarding to work
  • It should automatically find your desktop.
  • You are done! Click connect on the one with your desktop name once you are ready to use Windows.

By sparksammy

OK, why was my bio so cringe-worthy? I mean: I was a little kid.... oh well.

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